Power flushing in Didcot & the surrounding areas

Why have your heating system power flushed?


Central heating systems require power flushing, every 8 – 10 years, in the same way a car has an annual MOT or the house is spring cleaned.

If you are considering replacing the boiler then it is an essential step in this process.

The purpose of power flushing a central heating system is to clean the oxidised debris out, which is rust to you and I!   This residue is created and carried by the water inside the radiators, reducing the heat output of the central heating system. 

Clogged radiators require more energy to produce lower heat which means higher bills. 

By pumping water at a high velocity through the heating system it is possible to collect and remove this blackish-grey iron oxide in magnetic filters.

This process cures flow and circulation problems:
· Restores system efficiency
· Restores heat output to radiators
· Cleans the whole system, including underfloor pipework and heating
· Reduces the risk of pump failure
· Removes oxidised water and treatment prevents further corrosion
· Cures or prevents boiler noise and radiator rattling noises
· Power flushing and descaling may be completed in one visit 

Power flushing in Didcot

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